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Zubak Group is a strong, well-known Croatian house of brands that has been around since 1978. With over 600 employees, Zubak Group deals with everything from high-quality car repair services, selling of new and used cars, car rental, insurance, and inspection, to road and home assistance, medical services, and even holds high-end vacation premises.

We worked alongside Zubak Group's remarkable team to put a fresh coat of paint on their new website, by introducing glimpses of all underlying brands and an improved user experience, with WordPress and TalentLyft integration.

Working on our first project with Kreativa was a joy. By trusting their process, we got a sense of how professional, creative, detail-oriented and accessible they are, with swift communication. They have done an outstanding job for us, and I highly recommend them.

Žaklina Trbović Board Member, Zubak Group

01 UX/UI Design

A fresh new experience built on top of brands that influence the lives of ordinary people.

Redesigning a website of a large brand can be a crossroad — one can take a safe road, or a road less travelled. With Zubak team putting their trust in our hands, we’ve decided to take the latter one.

We have carefully and controllably dissected the 8 subbrands that lay at the foundation of Zubak Group, and have opted to use the softened subbrand colors across this new digital experience, while still keeping the strong red Zubak color as a core. Extending the color palette has breathed new life and flexibility into such a vigorous brand.

As typography plays an indispensable part of the experience, we have chosen Sequel Sans — a professional neogrotesque typeface which identifies as clear as legible.

Color Palette

Enhancing the house of brands through characteristic colors of its subbrands.

Style Guide
Website Design

People as a
success story.

The inculsive nature of Zubak Group is shown through personal and professional success stories of their people across the company hierarchy — from the cleaning lady, to car mechanics, managers and division leaders, each contributing in their unique way.

They are parents, blood donors, referees, artists, mountain climbers and much, much more. Because of that, we have dedicated a section on Zubak Group’s new website that evidently shares their people-are-strength sentiment.

02 Website Development

Fusing the technologies.

After 4 months of dedicated work, we have proudly launched Zubak Group’s new website, built using Vue.js on top of WordPress.

Using TalentLyft as their tool of choice for recruitment and applicant tracking, Zubak Group’s HR team voiced a desire to continue using it — ultimately leading to its integration. We’ve decided to opt out of embedding TalentLyft’s visually limited modules and have, with help of PHP, JavaScript and SCSS, fully and seamlessly fused it within their website, furthermore reinforcing the reinvigorated brand.

Live Website

Given the fact that only 1% of our clients are based in our home country of Croatia, working on this project felt extra-special. We got the opportunity to learn about the extraordinary company culture Zubak Group cherishes, and take a glance at the character of Ivan Zubak — a strong, visionary leader with a work ethic that is second to none. We can’t wait to see where they go from here and what other milestones they break.

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