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ybot — with a lowercase 'y' — is an AI-powered platform tailored for workers without traditional desks, aimed at improving vital workflows and empowering these employees. It enhances the work environment, maintains regulatory adherence, and simplifies operations through voice-activated commands. With a growing number of AI platforms, ybot was committed to addressing the daily challenges faced by deskless employees.

In collaboration with the ybot team, we contributed to the development of a reliable, cohesive, and sophisticated brand identity — a grown-up version, in their own words. This effort was complemented by a bespoke website that effectively conveys ybot's distinctive value in the dynamic world of AI.

01 Visual Identity

Defining the character of ybot with every letter.

The task to create the perfect logo for ybot was thorough and creative. We explored numerous concepts before deciding on a unique, custom-designed lowercase ‘y’ as our signature mark. This symbol is poised to become a familiar presence on the screens of deskless workers.

Additionally, we envisioned the ‘y’ to be dynamic, incorporating an animated feature that seamlessly transitions between states – from idle, to representing a user speaking, to the AI interacting or posing queries, all unified by engaging animation.

Continuing with the personalized touch we brought to the logo, we crafted distinct, geometrically precise designs for the letters in their name, adding another layer of uniqueness to ybot’s identity.

Concept & Exploration

An all-custom creation.

The final version of ybot's logo is a precisely balanced merge of the custom mark and lettering.

Crafted to first and foremost be used as white or black, the logo effortlessly fits into a variety of branded settings, maintaining the integrity of ybot's identity wherever it appears.

Brand Guide

Rebranding extends beyond mere design—it’s about crafting and executing it flawlessly. With that in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive brand guide for ybot. This essential manual encapsulates everything from the nuanced logos and brand elements to the carefully selected color palettes, patterns, and fonts, ensuring these core components are easily accessible and consistently applied.

For supporing typeface, we’ve chosen PP Telegraf. Its sleek design and friendly curves make everything from headlines to the fine print easy to read and inviting. It’s modern yet warm, perfect for a brand that’s all about smart technology with a human touch.

We picked colors that feel just like ybot: fresh, professional, and friendly. Bright blue brings the spark of innovation, dark blue adds a touch of depth, a pop of orange shakes things up, and white keeps everything clear and crisp. It’s the perfect mix to show off ybot’s smart, approachable personality.

Supporting graphics are where the magic happens. Think blue gradients that move, pixel patterns that play, and dots that dance. It’s a visual playground that makes the ybot brand pop, feel alive, and stand out in the digital world.

02Brand Support

Expanding ybot's reach.

Leveraging the brand guide, we developed a diverse array of assets for ybot, encompassing both digital and traditional media. This includes everything from billboards and posters to social media content, pitch decks, and beyond.

03UX/UI Design

Bridging wireframes and design to shape ybot’s
user journey and visual narrative.

We started shaping ybot’s user experience by taking a close look at the content and laying out some crystal-clear wireframes. This step helped us figure out what each page needs to do, the story we want to tell, and how we want people to move through the site, all before we even thought about the UI design itself.

Website Design

Bringing visual depth with contrast and color.

Building on the detailed work done in the wireframing phase, we took it up a notch by adding our own twist with contrasted sections to keep users engaged, hints of secondary orange to make highlights vividly clear, and created custom icons that introduced gradient and blur, all together giving the site's visuals a deeper, richer feel.

From the start, we aimed to give ybot a futuristic feel that’s accessible today. By carefully choosing colors, creating unique icons, and designing a dynamic interface, we wanted to make sure ybot shines as a go-to for smooth and easy-to-use experiences.

Dashboard & App

Executing powerful automations in subtle ways.

At the heart of our efforts lies the functionality we’ve delivered to ybot’s users, especially through the dashboard where customers train bots and the app that helps the workforce complete tasks. This required a minimalist design strategy across different platforms, ultimately bringing sophisticated back-office capabilities right to the fingertips of front-line staff.

Bo and the whole Kreativa team are absolute weapons. Rebirthing ybot after being in stealth mode was a special project. We researched for months for an agency capable of absorbing our vision and technology that bore no likeness to anything else and thus required technical and out-of-the-box thinking. After rising to the top of our candidates, Kreativa took on the challenge, spending the time to really understand the impact we want to make, and put in experienced, quality creative work. They didn't just nail the brief, they made it personal – and the result shows.

Tomer Garzberg Co-Founder and CEO, ybot

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