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Skyhigh Cloud

Research & Moodboards

The Skyhigh Cloud Platform is the industry's first data-aware, cloud-native security stack. It delivers unified data and robust threat protection capabilities across the web, cloud apps, email, and private apps, all from a single console.

We worked alongside Skyhigh Security’s team to build a tactile, reliable, consistent and future-proof visual identity.

01 Visual Identity

Reimagining Skyhigh
Cloud Platform.

When Skyhigh Security approached us to extend their newly refreshed brand to a suite of products under the Skyhigh Cloud Platform, we knew the project would require an intimate understanding of each product’s functionality.

Our team worked closely with Skyhigh Security to research and understand each product in depth, ensuring that we could communicate its unique features and benefits through visually appealing platform and product logos.

Concept & Exploration
Color Palette

The marketecture we meticulously constructed not only showcases the products, but also seamlessly integrates them to unleash unified data and fortify against formidable threats across the digital realm.


With a penchant for a tactile and immersive experience, we infused the products with a captivating look and feel, employing the art of glassmorphism to imbue them with depth and a tangible essence.

Capturing the essence.

Carefully crafting dark and light variations, along with a range of negative counterparts, we ensured adaptability across diverse digital landscapes. Our team ingeniously composed logos that metaphorically captured the essence of data, streams, attacks, and protection, all harmoniously encapsulated in a visually streamlined and gratifying package.

Our work set a solid foundation for the Skyhigh Security team to continue building their brand. By taking an abstract concept such as digital security and making it more tangible, we helped Skyhigh Security move their products closer to the user, resulting in a more engaging and successful user experience.

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