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SBH Fashion, a leading player in the fashion staffing industry for over 40 years, approached us to help revamp their outdated website. As a team that always strives for perfection, we knew we were a great match for a company that prides itself on its commitment to excellence.

We were entrusted with the task of creating a new website that would perfectly reflect the brand essence of SBH Fashion and re-position them as a top contender in their industry. Our team worked methodically to develop an updated visual language and completely new website that truly captures the essence of SBH Fashion.

We worked with Kreativa for both of our SBH+ and SBH Fashion websites, and everything went very smoothly. They were super communicative, clear with their milestones and completed it in a timely manner. Our customers have had all positive things to say!

Drew Halpern, SBH Fashion

Drew Halpern Senior Vice President, SBH Fashion Inc.

01 UX/UI Design

Harmonizing design elements for a cohesive brand experience.

We worked closely with the client to gain a deep understanding of their goals, audience, and brand, and used that knowledge to update their visual language.

The visual language is inspired by the concept of “Harmony and Balance”. It combines elements of contrast and symmetry to create a cohesive and captivating experience. Each design element is carefully chosen to reflect this balance, from the typography to the color palette and photography.

Visual Language

Headers are set in Meno Banner, a sophisticated serif font that strikes a balance between classic elegance and modern simplicity. For body text, we chose Proxima Nova, a versatile sans-serif that combines legibility with a touch of personality. These typefaces work together to create a harmonious and balanced typographic hierarchy.

Delicate and soothing, the color palette encompasses a range of soft and creamy hues. From warm beiges to gentle greens and deep blues, these colors embody the brand’s values and create an inviting and calming visual language.

Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion, the photography style focuses on symmetry and balance. Through a fusion of people and abstract shapes, we craft visually captivating compositions that add depth to the refined visual language. Soft shadows and muted tones, thoughtfully chosen to complement the color palette, contribute to an overall sense of coherence and consistency.

Web Design

Building an elegant
online destination.

The newly built website for SBH Fashion seamlessly continues the visual language we established for the brand, with added smooth and soothing animations that enhance the overall user experience. This attention to detail is specifically tailored to the fashion industry, where aesthetics and elegance play a pivotal role.

Effortless navigation,
endless possibilities.

With a simplistic and user-friendly structure, the website ensures that visitors can easily navigate and find the information they need, minimizing any potential confusion. Embracing the flexible WordPress platform, SBH Fashion’s website stands ready to evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape of fashion staffing, embracing scalability and adaptability at its core.

Throughout the process, we maintained a close relationship with SBH Fashion, providing frequent updates and soliciting feedback to ensure that their vision was being realized. We are proud to have collaborated with SBH and are confident that their new website will help them continue to thrive in the competitive world of fashion staffing.

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