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Behind Nucleus is a team of seasoned business and tech leaders, all with extensive insight into the online user experience. Nucleus' goal is a bold one — to become the biometric core of the internet. They plan to achieve it by bringing new, game-changing ideas to the digital world, determined to shake it up for the better, starting with their three pillars — frictionless payments, seamless user verification, and effortless compliance.

We worked alongside Nucleus' team to help them build a trusting, progressive, mature, and coherent brand, supported by a new website and an in-depth mobile verification process that serves their end users.

01 Visual Identity

Setting the foundation of a no-nonsense brand.

Launching a new product that grew from its successful sister brand VerifyMyAge, Nucleus required an identity that would establish a reputation of security and trust within its customer base and end users.

During discovery phase, a keyword we have repeatedly identified across all of our communication channels was “no-nonsense”, which was a (not so) subtle tell for us to focus on stability and simplicity in our explorations.

Concept & Exploration

Answering the call for maturity.

Nucleus’ team expressed their desire for a logotype that consists of mark and type. Their mark is a multi-layered visual representation of a core, signaling centrality, order and maturity, without being overly complex. By considering their end users, predominantly 20-40 years old males, who are comfortable with tech, we decided on subtle blue/cyan gradient color to make them feel right at home.

Type selection came down to Avenir Next. This clean, well-structured, long-lasting typeface spoke to us with confidence — released in 1988 and clearly being ahead of the curve, there was no better choice to signal maturity and Nucleus’ bold assignment than chosing Avenir Next Bold.

Brand Guide

By meticulously creating its brand guide, we have set Nucleus up for the future, opening up opportunities for its brand to be showcased on different digital and traditional mediums, as well as in different environments.

Nucleus’ brand guide consisted of not only different logo formats and applications, which are expected, but also photography guidelines, color theory and how it all ties into pattern and typography usage.

02 Brand Support

Tightening the brand up.

By extending project scope, Nucleus’ team needed help with designing several assets — everything from traditional materials to additional icon sets, presentations, and new product flows. Through all of it, we have reinforced stability and consistency throughout this young brand.

03 UX/UI Design

Tackling business objectives by building two coherent user experiences.

Nucleus aspires to become the heart of the global eCommerce industry, by building a vertically integrated end-to-end eCommerce ecosystem. Serving two main archetypes of end-users in sellers and buyers, our goal was to have them meet in the middle by building a website that captures solutions to the pain points of both sides. By building several UI animations to be used across the website, we have furthermore brought this brand to life.

Tailored toward buyers, we then followed up on website work by designing a seamless verification process, removed from the generic look and feel, with a clear visual hierarchy and necessary visual cues that enhance the experience.

Website Design

Kreativa have been instrumental in helping us launch a new product, and came highly recommended in my due diligence. Unlike a typical design agency, they take the time to thoroughly understand the problem space and business objectives, and then apply empathy craftmenship to deliver user-centric designs. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Bo and his dedicated and talented team.

Alex Tzukerman Chief Product Officer, Nucleus

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