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NP Digital

Neil Patel is one of our oldest clients. Our collaboration started back in 2014 and has quickly spread across several of his products and companies — Quicksprout, Ubersuggest, Subscribers, HelloBar, and now NP Digital.

Putting clients first and cherishing work-life balance, NP Digital, a 2021 Search & Performance Marketing Agency of the year, is focused on helping brands disrupt their industry through digital marketing. Having offices in 6, and employees in 15 different countries, they were eager to showcase results achieved through its diverse, inclusive, and talented organization.

We worked alongside NP Digital's team to design a brand-new website, built on top of a foundation that stands as a recognisable design language Neil has been cultivating for over a decade.

We've been working with Kreativa for over 8 years. It's always a pleasure working with their team as they continue to make a positive impact on our business.

Neil Patel Co-founder, NP Digital

01 Visual Direction

Enriching a recognizable brand.

Working with Neil in 2016, we have established a design language used across several of his projects — vibrant orange paired with contrasting dark grey on a white background, plenty of whitespace so that content breathes and flows well between sections, content blocks that cast long natural-looking shadows, and a contemporary sans serif typeface with clean, elegant textures in Geomanist.

For NP Digital, we have built on top of that foundation and furthermore polished the approach we established by creating additional assets, adding a touch of abstract, as well as setting new people-centric image guidelines. Putting it all together creates a cohesive unity removed from any friction that the end users can appreciate.

Color Scheme
Characteristic Elements
02 UX/UI Design

Two mindful teams
working as one.

The experienced team at NP Digital knew exactly what they were after and provided us with a set of high-fidelity wireframes to kick things off. At the same time, through our expertise, they were looking for a fresh pair of eyes that would help them take things to new heights by reviewing the visual structure and presenting fresh solutions wrapped in their newly-refined design language.

Across several revisions, this genuinely progressive collaboration resulted in a brand-new, easy-to-use website tailored toward organisations, companies and brands that, through strategic recommendations and measurable business outcomes, are in search of accelerated growth.

Website Design

We were excited to work with Kreativa on our 5th project together. Their progressive team, swift communication and willingness to iterate makes their process feel effortless, clearing out any challenges through collaboration. A reliable partner we can lean on.

Saulo Modeiros Global VP of Marketing, NP Digital

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