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Health & Beauty Manufacturing

Health & Beauty Manufacturing is a product development and manufacturing organization offering private label, custom and contract manufacturing in one location. In pursuit of better solutions for the health & beauty marketplace, HBM is positioned as a one-stop show that relentlessly serves medium-sized businesses selling branded products through brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, and Amazon platforms.

We worked alongside HBM’s team to help them establish a fresh, reliable, and consistent brand, supported by a brand-new online presence.

01 Visual Identity

A fresh coat of paint.

With extensive industry experiences gathered through their founders — two brothers — yet being a new company at the same time, HBM wanted to ground itself as an organization with a great understanding of its customers’ pain points.

To capture niche opportunities and uniquely position HBM as a new player on the market, our research consisted of thoroughly dissecting brands of the largest niche players across several systems: online presence, visual and written communication, and color distribution.

Considering that HMB’s products impact their client’s end-users directly, we needed to bring forward HBM’s trustworthy and supportive character, which ultimately enables their clients to achieve the next level. This was achieved not only through messaging that speaks directly to business owners but also visually through a blend of logo and carefully selected color palette.

Logotype Concept & Exploration

Having research as a dependable foundation, at the core of the brand is a logomark that rigorously captures the essence of the manufacturing process — baker and supplement drop. The wordmark fuses the letters H and B into one (hence, the Health & Beauty part of the name), suggesting the complex nature of the products.

Both logomark and wordmark are wrapped in natural primary colors. While primary colors emphasize the health aspects of production, the extended color palette more directly showcases the majority of colors seen in products served to end-users.

Brand Guide

Defining a new visual identity is an exciting endevour, yet it’s remarkably easy to make the brand appear inconsistent as it evolves, especially when dealing with young brands.

With that in mind, we’ve meticulously created a set of basic brand guidelines — primary and secondary colors, typography with specific applications, stationery, brochure designs and more — to set the standard for what’s to come.

02 UX/UI Design

A prudent user experience that leaves no questions unanswered.

Our website work started with creation of low fidelity wireframes which we used to outline the navigation, content and visual hierarchy. For the homepage, we wanted to emphasize on value proposition and specific ways HBM can help its customers by resolving their pain points, touching on their services in the process.


Steadily Growing with
Health & Beauty Manufacturing

It has been a pleasure working with Health & Beauty Manufacturing and seeing their steady growth in the industry — they are uniquely positioned to serve medium-sized businesses selling branded products through multiple channels. We are proud to have contributed to their success by establishing a fresh and dependable brand, supported by a new online presence. Our partnership with HBM continues as we work together to improve their website and services, ensuring they remain a trusted and valued resource for their clients.

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