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$9.5 M raised in seed funding
$1M in ARR, in only 6 months after launching is a cutting-edge financial technology company dedicated to serving startups with a comprehensive suite of banking, payroll, and bookkeeping solutions.

Our collaboration with involved setting the foundation of a powerful web app that revolutionizes back-office operations. By leveraging our expertise in UX/UI design and design system implementation, we helped create an intuitive and efficient platform that empowers founders to seamlessly manage crucial aspects of their startup's finances and HR.

01 Visual Direction

Reimagining FinTech: unleashing's distinctive edge.

Through extensive research and understanding of the financial industry, particularly within the realm of startups, we embarked on a journey to craft an interface that seamlessly combines usability and visual appeal for

By putting attention to every detail, our efforts resulted in a distinctive fusion of colors, typography, and functional design elements that captivate and cater to the needs of’s end users.

Typography & Colors

While’s visual identity exudes trust, reliability, and innovation, the carefully chosen color palette evokes a sense of professionalism within the financial industry.

Primary colors, ranging from bold cyan to various shades of blue, establish a solid foundation, while secondary accent colors such as vibrant yellow and striking coral red add pops of dynamism and distinct focus. Complementing this palette, the Gilroy typeface embodies clarity and legibility, ensuring that both numerals and characters are presented with utmost precision—a vital characteristic in the intricate world of finance.

02 Design System

Within the design process, we cultivated a robust design system that serves as a wellspring of reusable components. This comprehensive system equips with a powerful toolkit to maintain consistency, streamline iterations, and accelerate development.

By harnessing the design system’s vast library of meticulously crafted elements, is poised to deliver a seamless and cohesive user experience, bolstering efficiency and reinforcing their commitment to exceptional service.

02 UX/UI Design

Over the course of a year, we designed and implemented over a dozen unique features across hundreds of screens. Immersed in’s world and attuned to the needs of their users, we prioritized usability and efficiency, ensuring the product became an indispensable tool for founders navigating the complexities of their financial landscape.

Kreativa has been one of the best partners I have ever worked with. They were able to design a complex SaaS product with me, and with very little meetings. They understand how to work asynchronously better than anyone. My customers love our product, and say it is beautiful and easy to use. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rajeev Behera Chief Executive Officer,

03 Brand Support

Designing brand assets that make financial waves.

In addition to designing their's cutting-edge platform, we also developed additional brand assets, including custom bank cards, stationary designs and more. These tangible manifestations of the brand solidified their presence in the market and reinforced their commitment to exceptional user experiences.

Collaboration turned partnership.

The collaborative journey with has been remarkable, evolving into a trusted partnership. We continue to support them diligently, offering regular revisions and implementing new functionalities. The future holds endless possibilities, and we are excited to witness’s continued growth and success.

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