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200% in revenue growth in one year
110% in employee hiring

Situated in the heart of Bulgaria, EnduroSat is on a mission to transform the complex satellite industry into a streamlined data service, enabling instant access and transactions with space data on the cloud, all made possible by unique satellite technology and a great engineering team.

Led by a visionary founder and guided by the initiative that access to space should be a basic human right, EnduroSat was eager for a brand new online presence that will match their ambitions.

By being responsive and easy to work with, Kreativa has been an integral part of our successful growth over the years. To put it simply — great UX/UI experts with the process you can rely on.

Raycho Raychev CEO & Founder, EnduroSat

01 UX/UI Design

Trust as a conduit to unimagined possibilities.

Promptly detecting the core problem to solve was trust, our objective was to remove the disbelief that the final frontier can be reached efficiently and with ease. With that in mind, working alongside the EnduroSat team we have created a website that is credible and professional, tailored toward their customers.

Structure, color and type were our tools for building trust. Our typography selection came down to Proxima Nova — a widely used, precise, geometric type that is professional and legible, removed of any surprises and unknowns.

Complimented by what we referred to as nebula-blue color and clear white, on a high-contrasted background it instils a sense of both confidence and personality.

The visual structure we’ve created was inspired by voidness found in space and based on simplicity where complexity is reduced so largely that the obvious is impossible to miss.

Color Palette
Website Design

Linking hardware and services with space missions.

We have internally divided the website into two segments, which in practice work seamlessly together — hardware and services, and space missions — each having its specific challenges we have thoughtfully approached.

The hardware and services segment of the website focuses on laying out the informational architecture and simplifying access to technical specifications, with a specific audience in mind — engineers.

Hardware and services are categorised and individually explained, wrapped in a digestible visual format that reveals how they embed into one another.

While creating the space mission segment of the website, our focus was on clearly and thoroughly demonstrating how unexpectedly simple it is to book a mission and fly a payload, as well as putting this process into practice.

This resulted in mission selection having multiple entry points that, through a seamless procedure of selecting specific parameters and configuration, all lead to a call with an EnduroSat representative, which initiates the crucial human component.

Opting-in to change.

In addition to the desktop website, with a goal in mind to reaffirm the notion that space actually can be accessed from anywhere, we took an extra step and created an adaptive mobile solution fully capable of getting customers closer to space.

Space knows no boundaries, and nor do change and progress.

02 Brand Support

A growing partnership.

EnduroSat’s quick growth required the project scope to be extended. Working closely with their marketing team, we have thoroughly rounded up their brand by creating numerous assets, brand and digital materials — an engineer-facing dashboard that allows customising satellite’s parameters in real-time, collaterals, booklets, presentations, campaign and social materials, ads and more.

Once a company of few, through humble beginnings, hard work and dedication, EnduroSat has grown immensely and has established itself as a leader in Aviation and Aerospace sectors.

As they continue to grow and refine their offerings, we are supporting them at every step of the way, deepening our partnership with a shared obsession — striving for perfection.

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