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Backpack Group organizes the data of the built world to help building owners make smarter operational decisions. Powered by advanced software, data, and simulations, Backpack Group is linking the built world to the connected world.

We worked alongside Backpack Group’s team to build a fresh, reliable, and consistent brand, backed by a brand-new website.

With the support of Kreativa, we have successfully launched two new product tiers that now make us the most holistic solution on the market. Our new tiers are regarded as superior to competitive companies that have raised more than $100M in VC money and we did so in less than a year.

Alec Manfre Chief Innovation Officer, Backpack LLC

01 Visual Identity

A fresh new brand and design language.

Inspired by their ambitious plan to breathe tech into the built world, our goal was to position Backpack Group as a leader in their niche. The direction we needed to take was clear — break free from the shackles of such an overly traditional industry and set them up for the future, by building a smart, modular and scalable brand.

In essence, Backpack uses real-life data to simulate and predict the behavior of commercial spaces across multiple systems and utilities, such as energy, water, and waste.

With that in mind, our approach to designing characteristic brand elements, as well as color systems, was a metaphor for the versatility of spaces, systems, and product tiers coexisting in harmony — similar to how puzzle pieces seamlesly snap together.

Concept & Exploration

Simplifying what
appears complex.

Brand Guide

Standardising the brand's look and feel.

Through building straightforward, infallible brand guidelines, we have helped the Backpack team to maintain a unified visual brand behavior across both traditional and modern mediums.

02 Brand Support

Putting the
pieces together.

The proper coexistence of various brand elements can make the brand appear cohesive, strong, and recognizable.

In our aspiration to execute on that cause, we’ve supported the Backpack team in their efforts to make their brand speak accurately to their customers and employees, and excel at every touchpoint.

We’ve done so by meticulously building various icon sets, pitchdecks, collaterals, customer and employee onboarding and are continuing to strenghten the brand moving forward by collaborating with the Backpack marketing team.

03 UX / UI Design

As we are gearing towards developing Backpack Group’s full-blown website, with all the bells and whistles, we have created a temporary one, putting them out there in the world. Check back soon as we update this page.

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